An architect’s job is to ensure that his structures are not only visually pleasing but also functionally pragmatic. It’s the architect’s mind that has been behind building some of the world’s most enigmatic and beautiful structures.

We at Ideal Liaisoning require architects with more than 12 years of experience, who are passionate about their work and love challenges. We are looking for energetic and innovative architects who are well grounded in the basics of the discipline, but are not reluctant to pick up new techniques as well.

We would appreciate if the candidate has a knack to think out of the box as well think in traditional lines wherever required.

Department: Architecture and designing
Project Location(s): As per project requirement
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture
Compensation: As per project requirement


  • Creating and presenting proposals for various designs to clients
  • Maintaining steady co-ordination with contractors during construction processes.
  • Creating detailed, accurate and to-the-scale drawings of project structures
  • Visiting project sites to keep a check on the construction progress.
  • Solving issues that can possibly come up during or after the project construction.


  • Should be passionate about his/her work.
  • Should have at least a few years of prior work experience.
  • Has to show his/her innovative side when the requirements demand
  • Should be very keen about measurements and proportions pertaining to project drawings.

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