On Call Service Provider

We at Ideal Liaisoning are looking for on-call-service-providers with minimum 12 years of experience in the industry. We believe that taking care of office spaces is crucial for any business to run smoothly. This includes services like pest control, office boys, cleaners, electricians, technicians and such.

We are looking for a steady and constant supply of service providers in the above given categories who are experienced and know well how to fix an issue.

Department: Services
Project Location(s): As per project requirement
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Compensation: As per project requirement


  • Understand the particular requirement of a given task and be able complete it on time.
  • Coordinate with other professionals and office workers to understand the on-spot work requirement.
  • Keep regular checks on the various in-house systems in the office (electrical, plumbing etc.) and maintain them from time to time.


  • Know how to communicate clearly with other professionals in the office to know their requirements.
  • Should know how to use the various hardware and tools.
  • Should be agile and adaptable to work under different conditions in case the problem is severe.

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