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Personal Loans

Home Loan

As one of the leading liaisoning firms in India, Ideal Liaisoning also assists you in fulfilling your desire to buy or build your own home. We provide you an unbiased platform to thoroughly analyze and take decisions as per the available deals in the market. Our home loan advisors have great expertise in analyzing the reliable banks and organizations that offer the home loan at most-friendly terms. We always strive hard to provide our client’s home loan deals at the best possible cheapest rate of interest.

Car Loan

Gone are the days, when owning a car was a luxury, and not every individual could afford it. Buying a dream car was not less than a life’s milestone for almost all of us. But, now, owning a Car Loan is very quick and easy with Ideal Liaisoning. We provide complete assistance throughout every step of vehicle selection, services, and getting the best deals on car loans. Our aim is to remove the stress & anxiety of loan aspirants by simplifying the entire procedure and following a disruptive approach to make each transaction easy, quick, and transparent.

Personal Loan

Ideal Liaisoning is your right partner who can help you meet all your dreams with quick, affordable, and flexible Personal Loans. Whether you need a personal loan for higher studies, holiday vacation, medical emergency, home renovation, dream wedding, and for many other things, we assist you in meeting the wide range of your financial needs. We help you in getting instant approval on personal loans with the lowest rate of interest, minimum documentation, maximum flexibility, and quick disbursal of loans to meet all your financial needs with ease.

Gold Loan

Gone are the days when we had to wait for long and follow troublesome procedures to take a loan. With, Ideal Liaisoning, gold loan is just that easy and quick to get funds against gold for business or personal requirements. We assist you in getting the loan against your gold jewelry and get a sigh of relief from your emergency requirements. We help you in finding the right gold loan partner or organization that offers easy and quick financing, cheapest interest rates, minimal documentation, and most importantly the utmost safety of your gold.

Education Loan

We at Ideal Liaisoning understand that education is the most crucial investment one can make in his/her life. So, if you are planning for higher studies to enhance your career, we can help you in getting the additional financial support that you would require from time to time. Whatever be your financial requirements for higher studies, don’t hesitate or compromise with your future goals. Just connect with Ideal Liaisoning as we are here to assist you in getting fast approval on study loan for a better future ahead while ensuring that you fulfill all your education goals without worrying about finances.

Loans Against Securities

Unlock the potential of your financial investments and fulfill all your desires by getting instant loans against them with the assistance of Ideal Liaisoning. We can help you in availing Loan against your financial securities within the shortest time possible. All you have to pledge against your investment collaterals such as units, bonds, and shares. With our loan experts’ assistance, you can enjoy the benefits of instant availability of funds within a day or two and secure your today for a bright tomorrow.


Business Loans

Working Capital

Join hands with Ideal Liaisoning and say hello to incredible business growth with timely access to working capital loans. We help you grow your Business and avail collateral-free working capital finance within the shortest time possible. Be it Logistics, construction, manufacturing, retail services, or whatever industry your business belongs to, we are here to help you to smoothly carry out your day-to-day business operations without worrying about expenses. You can meet the entire range of short-term business fund requirements such as the purchase of raw materials, payment of rent and taxes, supporting supply chains, wages & salaries.

Term Loan

We at Ideal Liaisoning help our clients get access to Term Loan quickly and hassle-free with an affordable rate of interest. Businesses can use these short-term loans for capital expansion and expenditure among others. We assist you in getting these tailor-made loans that suit several types of financial needs of your business. Our professional services will save you from fuss involved in loan processes with minimal documentation, flexible and quick disbursal of funds, and ensure fast and accurate results within the shortest times to meet all financial goals of your business.

Equipment Financing

While setting up a new business, if you spend the entire cash outright to purchase equipment, it can take up a significant amount of your working capital. So, we help you get instant Equipment Finance for up to 100% of the equipment value that you need for your business. You can purchase whatever you need such as Machinery, Tools, Vehicles, Computers, and Accessories, and so on. Our highly professional loan experts assist you in getting the equipment funding that you need to take your business to the next level.

Commercial Business Loan

If you are looking for the best commercial loan consultants in India, look no further, connect with Ideal Liaisoning. We are committed to providing fast and customized financial solutions to our clients as per their business needs. Our rich expertise, diverse industry experience, commitment to ethics, and personalized solutions will help you avail instant financing for your new commercial ventures. We make your tasks hassle-free as we refer your potentials to the banks or other financial organizations so that you can get the maximum amount of funds at the cheapest rate of interest possible.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

Get instant access to Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) which was launched by our Hon’ble Prime Minister in the year 2015. Non-Corporate Small Business Segments like shopkeepers, truck operators, fruits/vegetable vendors, machine operators, repair shops, small industries, or whatever be your industry, we will provide you complete assistance to get loans under PMMY scheme without any hassle. We will save you from the hassles involved in government loan processes while ensuring you get the maximum amount of capital to grow your business.

Stand-Up India Scheme

StandUp India scheme is launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, especially for the underprivileged people in India, who aspire to start their business, but they can’t fulfill their dreams due to lack of funds. At Ideal Liaisoning, we provide complete assistance to our clients to avail the bank loan under this scheme so that they don’t have to compromise with their business dreams. Our certified professionals do everything possible so that loan applicants get the business loan under the StandUp India program without worrying about their loan application procedure and other complexities involved.

Project Finance

As we know, funds are required for every business’s growth and expansion. At ideal Liaisoning, we understand the complexities involved in business financial matters and for that, we offer exceptional consultancy services for Project Finance.

Our highly-expert financial analysts assist our clients with relevant solutions to resolve various issues associated with their business funds requirements. Our professionals follow a 360 degree approach to assist you through end-to-end funding and final disbursement process within the shortest time period.

FINANCIAL SERVICES - Joint Ventures Finance-new

Joint Venture Funding

Project Sharing – Partner

In today’s competitive environment, Partnering and Collaboration are truly very important for a multitude of business organizations in order to streamline their business operations without taking the entire burden on their own shoulders. We at Ideal Liaisoning are here to assist our clients in finding the right Project sharing partner by effectively evaluating their work ethics, financial status, etc. We thoroughly conduct the evaluation of the partner company and establish a trust bond between the project partners. We also assist our clients to tackle all the complex core of joint venture programs and work towards a successful collaboration and a similar business goal.

Fix Return Based

We understand that first-time entrepreneurs find difficulty in getting funding with no plan of potential success. So, if you are one of them and looking for Angel Investor for your business, then, you don’t have to worry, as Ideal Liaisoning is here to help. We have great understanding and skills to find out eligible investors for your startups. Our highly-expert team connects with the angel investors and arranges funding as per your business needs.  We offer complete support throughout the entire life-cycle of investment and also guide you for the right use of funding amount for the growth of your business.


If you are planning a big business project and looking for an angel investor for that, then, you may not be able to find the one as a single bank would not be able to fund a large project alone. At that point, you need Ideal Liaisoning, as we have great expertise in arranging a consortium bank or group created by numerous banks to fund big projects. We can assist you in connecting with those consortium lenders so that you can leverage the multiple assets of individual banks. We provide the best Consortium Advisory Services for different sectors and strive hard in fulfilling borrower’s fund requirements to streamline their big business project.

Wealth Management-new

Wealth Management

Goals & Growth Planning

Sometimes business owners find it hard to analyze the factors required for business growth. This is where Ideal Liaisoning helps business owners determining what factors are holding their business back and what sort of effective solutions they need to implement to give a boost to their business goals. Ideal Liaisoning is specially designed to meet all the requirements of established businesses as well as budding entrepreneurs. We assist business organizations throughout every stage of the business life-cycle and create a clear vision and roadmap to achieve their goals successfully.

Investment & Estate Planning

Investment and Estate Planning can be a complicated task if you’ll perform it on your own. The list of tasks involved in this process is truly endless. So, if you’re not aware of your legal and financial rights, then, plan your future financial goals with the assistance of Ideal Liaisoning. We help you throughout your Wealth structuring, Investment and Estate planning process. We offer thorough discussion sessions, useful recommendations, and researches in order to make your planning simple, efficient, and stress-free. We clearly define, organize, and create your investment & estate planning goals and amend them as per your need.

Accounting & Tax Planning

Today, the world is rapidly growing and due to several business tasks, many people find accounting and tax-related legal issues quite complex & confusing. This is where Ideal Liaisoning can help. Our highly-experienced tax advisors simplify the client’s confusion with their practical knowledge and a great experience.  We provide effective measures to our clients to maintain accounts and save tax as well as tell them necessary precautions towards unnecessary penalties and interests. We offer effective Accounting and Tax planning consultancy to business owners and make them aware of the taxation and other financial procedures that they need to follow to set up their business.

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