Personal Assistant / Secretary

Ideal Liaisoning understands the important role a PA or PS plays in efficiently driving the daily affairs of a business. We ensure that all our candidates have the right level of skill and can work harmoniously with the senior management, displaying the right level of intelligence as well as discretion. Our candidates can effectively handle extensive workloads with the right level of responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of a manager along with their teams.


We understand that the role of a maid involves reliability and efficiency in equal measures to save your time and energy. All our candidates in this field are skilled domestic workers and have a strong work ethic to meet your standards. They also have the right linguistic capability to ensure smooth communication for exchanging mutual feedback. The Ideal Liaisoning team not only checks the referrals of each candidate but also their health backgrounds to prevent any unexpected circumstances.


The Ideal Liaisoning team makes certain that all the drivers from our platform are efficient and trustworthy. In addition, they come with a top-notch record and are polite and disciplined to work in a professional capacity. We select candidates who respect the time and come with excellent vision and hearing abilities to deliver uncompromised performance. Moreover, our drivers have the right level of mechanical knowledge to guide you in case of any issue with the vehicle.


Whether you need 24/7 security or a temporary service of bodyguards, Ideal Liaisoning offers the service of professionally trained personnel, both armed and non-armed, for your protection. Our candidates are not only physically skilled but are also technically savvy which makes them perfectly capable of judging any security risks. Also, we select candidates with the right level of professional training so that they can deliver total security without being obtrusive in any way.

Office Staff

To ensure seamless growth at all fronts, almost all businesses need the support of efficient office staff. As a manpower consultancy, Ideal Liaisoning is the one-step solution to help you with the process of active recruiting. We have candidates suitable for every stage of the corporate hierarchy, starting from the front office and going all the way to the back office. Our experienced team not only judges the skill levels of each candidate but also maps their personality traits to match with the job profiles. Our team also has the skills to craft enticing hiring advertisements in order to attract the best candidates.

We lay stress on the inherent qualities of every candidate. You can depend on us for finding candidates who are organised, efficient and professional while keeping in mind the specific requirements from your end. With a vast database of resumes and the proper screening of candidates through a specific methodology, our team is adept at matching your needs with a candidate’s professional capabilities. Our commitment to quality and the laid-down protocols ensures that the recruitment process is completed smoothly within the specified time frame.

Security Guards

While it is easy to find security guards, finding good security guards is not so easy. Ideal Liaisoning can offer experienced and professional security guards in line with the specific demands of any business. From dedicated internal guards to bouncers and doormen, we evaluate the best candidates who are the finest choices for protecting your assets from any risks. We look into the training and background of each candidate through our screening process so that they are perfectly aware of their authority and the limitations of using force. Moreover, our guards are not just dependent on their muscles but also on their intelligence to handle any situation.

The thorough background check by our team ensures that the chosen candidates have the necessary training and qualification that are needed for the job. This also enables us to ascertain that offering security is their primary skill and not an additional service that they offer. In the second stage, we also assess the level of their experience to handle real-life situations in the best possible manner. Apart from that we also ensure that a security guard can communicate skilfully in order to diffuse any tense situation without any need for the application of force.


Ideal Liaisoning is the perfect gateway for urgently hiring skilled and unskilled labourers. While time is of the essence in this regard, rushing the process can lead to the selection of workers with a poor level of skills. Our team has access to a vast network of workers from all over India who can serve in a construction site, factory or warehouse. To save your time and energy, our team can devote their energy to ensure that each individual is screened as per the guidelines specified from your end.

From background checks to individual interviews, our team follows a fast hiring cycle that keeps the time factor in mind. Apart from skills, we also focus on the right attitude in a candidate to help steer a short or long term project in the right direction. During the process, we also look beyond the traditional qualifications into the actual skills and experience of a worker so that they can be the right fit in the project. While this can be a lengthy process that can slow down a project, we do it with the right level of precision to ensure that you get just the right labourers that you need at the right cost.

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