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Leasing and Outright Property

Repairs & Maintenance

Are you planning to put up your property on lease or want to sell it out? Then, connect with Ideal Liaisoning, the best property manager in India. We are a complete caretaker of your property and keep your property maintained all season long. We take all the responsibilities of maintenance & repair, paperwork, and everything initially before visits of potential buyers in order to ensure that you grab the attention of buyers and get the best price deal in one go.

Marketing & Showing

In a competitive market today, it’s quite difficult to attract the potential buyers, but don’t worry, as we at Ideal Liaisoning are here to put all marketing efforts on your behalf and show your property to the right set of buyers in order to sell it fast at the best price.  With the right combination of marketing approaches and experienced realtors, Ideal Liaisoning takes complete responsibility to bring fresh queries of potential buyers and ensures that all your desires of the successful deal are met within the shortest time possible.

Applicant Screening

Finding the right tenant or buyer could be a tricky affair, but we at Ideal Liaisoning are here to save you from several pitfalls that you could fall into if you won’t find the right applicant for your property. We thoroughly verify the real facts and complete background checks of applicants on your behalf.  All in all, we assist you through the whole process of your property leasing, sales management as well as finding the right buyers, and sell out your property at a great price!

Legal Proceeding & Enforcement

When you join hands with Ideal Liaisoning, you don’t need to bother about anything, as we’ll handle all legal proceeding actions associated with the property leasing and selling process. Be it property registry, providing new lease agreements to tenants, or sending them the enforcement notice to leave the property as per agreement guidelines, etc. We offer incomparable expertise and follow a fair & transparent way of conducting and handling the entire process of legal proceedings and bringing back property to your safe hands.

Managing Transaction Needs

Property selling or leasing is a big decision and if there is a lack of trust factor between owner and applicant, and in case the payment cheque bounce after the property deal is done, then, it becomes tough for the owner to recover the money later on from the tenant/buyer. Here, Ideal Liaisoning can take care of payments and manage all the transactions on your behalf. We cater to a large number of cases; such as collecting the token amount from buyer/tenant, encash the payment cheques as well as assist you till the entire property payment procedure complete.

Managing Owner/Tenant Needs

Right from Property Maintenance, Tenant/Buyer Screening, Handling Leases, Managing Payment Transactions, Ideal Liaisoning also manages owner and buyer/tenant basic needs. During the property shifting process, in case the owner or buyer/tenant needs someone to take care of their things, there we assist them and keep their luggage and things safe till the time being they picked it up and move it to the property. We take all day to day responsibilities in order to fulfill your buyer/tenant needs and keep your property maintained!

Owner Trust Accounting

Being a complete caretaker of your property, we at Ideal Liaisoning also cater to routine property inspections, collecting rent from tenants, repairs; handle emergency situations at your property. We also keep a check on the tenants to find out they are not doing any illegal activities, not allowing more guests to stay, paying rent on time, or any other activity which is prohibited by the agreement. If you hire as a property manager for years, then, we also provide complete maintenance and other activities reports on a monthly basis.


Property Title Clearance

Corrections of Forgeries

Ideal Liaisoning provides a comprehensive property risk assessment platform covering all property fraud detection, corrections of forgeries, legal due diligence, etc. Since generations, Indian home buyers have been struggling to overcome several fundamental property issues, such as; illegal property disputes, forgeries in a property sale, mistakes in parent documents, and so on. Here, we are always ready to address such concerns and we do everything possible to get those corrections rectified as and when required while making your property clearance process less stressful!

Correction of illegal easement

Ideal Liaisoning provides end to end legal assistance in correcting those mistakes and resolving disputes that you discovered after the property purchase. Such as an illegal easement that does not give the property holder a right of “possession” of the property and unfortunately such scenario disrupts the property owner’s enjoyment of the property. We assist the property owners who are frustrated by an illegal easement and help them correcting and resolving those issues in several ways such as by adjoining the property, appeal to terminate the easement, etc. We take corrective actions that help landowners resolve disputes that create uncertainty and mental & emotional stress.

Correction of public records

As we all know mistakes are inevitable, but such errors in public property records could impact the sale and purchase of a property. In case you have also discovered such mistakes, then we at Ideal Liaisoning will assist you in getting those corrections done such as inaccurate descriptions of the property, wrong square footage of a home, spelling mistake in owner’s name, wrong addresses, etc. We fix these errors on your behalf right from visiting tehsildar or public records clerk, collecting all relevant information of property, appeal in government offices to correct and verification of new information till your corrections show up on public records.

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Project Marketing & Sales

Project Marketing

We at ideal liaisoning are here to spread the message of the ground-breaking projects in the industry. We work as your sole sales partner and provide end to end turnkey project marketing solutions. Right from the conceptual stage of the project to managing the entire process of marketing, convincing potential customers, fulfill their demands related to project, and completely selling out your new project on a mandate basis, our project marketing services got you covered with everything. Our project marketing involves real estate marketing for commercial as well as residential projects.

Offers Designing

When it comes to selling big real estate projects, there is always a need for innovative and attractive offers to lure potential buyers. This is where we help our clients’ to design exciting realty offers such as discount schemes, assured rental income, attractive freebies, additional project features, flexible payment plans, etc. that help a long way to push sale volumes of our client’s projects. We curate these offers time by time as per sales ratio during the festive occasions, raining seasons, New Year, and seasonal change to make a win-win situation for both builders as well as home buyers.


Ideal Liaisoning is your real sales partner. We can work with you as your full-fledged sales partner as well as your channel partner. Our experienced realtors are focused on the expansion of your project with an accelerated path to profitability. We can actively market as well generate leads for your new projects and assist you through the entire sales process. If you want to accelerate the sales growth of your project, then, join hands with Ideal Liaisoning today and avail our broad array of sales services.

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Turnkey Projects

Land to Lock & Key

Nothing can compare the great feeling of moving to a ready made desired home with all features that we always dreamt of. To get this desire to happen in your life, consult with Ideal Liaisoning. We have great expertise in Turnkey Projects for different sectors that comprises the whole gamut of land allocation, architectural drawing, designing, till the final execution of handing over the key to the project owner. We provide a full suite of project management services to assist right from land selection to final executions of project, so you just need to take lock & key of your desired home and move in right away.


Ideal Liaisoning has hands-on experience in interiors project management that is crucial for your new project’s success. Our architectural project management processes involve keeping the designs done, details in order, budgets on target, and schedules completely on track. Our exquisite Interior project management services Professional engineers & architects, interior designers, and construction administrators go beyond in bringing a unique appeal to your project. Connect with us today to get our great expertise in elegant architecture and innovative design to achieving your project design goals.

Maintenance & Repairs

At Ideal Liaisoning, our vision is to provide hassle-free maintenance & repairs services to property owners who are not living at that location currently or permanently reside outside location. Usually, many property owners made a lot of investments in order to save create their future assets. We have reputed and professionally managed proprietorship association offerings a trusted service of property caretaking, maintenance, and repairs especially for NRIs and Property owners who reside outside of that location. Our professionals completely take care of their properties in their absence, right from housekeeping residential/ commercial along with renovation, electric repairs, renting to securities guard services, etc.

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